Obesity and Impotence

Obesity and Impotence: It turns out that men having a beer belly, are more than others at risk of becoming impotent. It’s all about hormones. There is a lack of male hormones. According to statistics, obese people are much more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Obesity and Impotence: What is the reason that obesity becomes a cause of impotence? But everything is quite simple. Subcutaneous fat produces female hormones – estrogen. Therefore, the fatter the man is, the higher the female sex hormone level is. For a man, this situation is not very natural. For a strong half of humanity, androgen must prevail in the body. It is a male sex hormone. Fat increases the number of female hormones provoking hormonal shifts (estrogen predominance).
impotence and obesityObesity and Impotence: Initially, the body tries to deal with this situation and produces more male hormones, but soon androgens source is exhausted and man starts to retreat. The excess female hormone causes that secondary sex characteristics begin to change (e.g., male breast enlargement occurs, the voice becomes higher). In addition, obesity leads to impaired blood circulation affecting the nervous system. Altogether, this gives the nuclear mixture that destroys male potency and causes deteriorating damage to health. A man turns into a woman in a psychologically way. The man turns into impassive and whining “fatty”. Many people call it “middle-age crisis”, but this is just hormones “game”.

Obesity and Impotence: There is also such a thing as “isoflavones”. This is phytoestrogens, which, when consumed, provoking exactly the same processes in the male body as the female sex hormones. Isoflavones contained in the hop (which is present in beer), in soybeans (which is present in sausages).

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Obesity and Impotence – concepts which are closely contacted. Obesity leads to erectile dysfunction and impotence. The most important thing in this case: the right nutrition and anti-obesity action. Obesity itself also leads to many diseases, which to some extent affecting male sexual function. If you treasure what is called “potency”, do not forget about what you eat, how you eat, try to maintain your shape and stay a “real” man.

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