Canadian Health&Care Mall Mobile App is a service for searching and ordering medications, medical devices, and other beauty and health products via the Internet. You can place an order on our website at any time of the day via the online pharmacy app. To place an order, you need to go through a simple registration procedure, specify your phone number, to which a text will be sent about its readiness.

Meds app puts ourselves in the place of an ordinary customer who uses the app for the first time to order at a pharmacy with pickup or delivery. In the process, the development team evaluated onboarding, the main screen, the convenience and speed of search, the product card, the complexity of ordering and the main features.

mobile app

The first launch is the most important stage for creating a positive impression of a pharmacy discount app. Most users prefer applications to websites precisely because of their high speed. At this step, we will evaluate the convenience and duration of registration.

Canadian Health&Care Mall mobile app meets the user with a typical onboarding of 3-5 slides. It takes up to 20 seconds if you read everything carefully.

Searching procedure

As a rule, the fate of the purchase is decided in the first few seconds. It is important for the user to find the product as soon as possible, so much depends on the quality of the search. At this step, it is evaluated the speed and adequacy of the issue.

That’s why this meds app contains innovative technologies to speed up the seraching procedure as much as possible.

Before searching, most pharmacies give a hint explaining the purpose of the barcode icons and microphone. The search module works in a similar way for everyone: it offers options, but not everyone is loyal to spelling errors. The speed of searching procedures is different, which is reflected in the final figures.

Additional options for apps for online pharmacies

Ordering medications
Quickly order any medications or products for beauty and health through the mobile app, and pick them up at the nearest pharmacy or get the delivery.

Search for pharmacies
Find the nearest pharmacy and find out about availability and prices in real time.

Registration of a regular customer carddownloand app
Register a regular customer card in the mobile app and you will always have your card with you.

Virtual card
Don’t you have a regular customer’s plastic card yet? Create a virtual card in the app.

Personal account
Check or change the order status, track the order history and accumulation of points in the personal account of the mobile application.

First aid kit of medicines
Add medicines to the First Aid Kit and group them using labels.

Medication reminders
Create reminders about taking medications from the First Aid Kit, turn on notifications or use them as a schedule.

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