We know you cannot be too careful when selecting a pharmacy, no matter online or offline. When you purchase medication, you are likely to miss something. Some drugstores are better in certain aspects than others, while some of the companies can be really frustrating. We decided to compare the two popular pharmacies:  Canadian Health&Care Mall and Canadian Pharmacy. We review the most concerning issues and finally make a conclusion.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Review

Canadian Health and Care Mall

Product Quality

The drugs offered at Canadian Health&Care Mall show 100% suitability for use and have valid expiration dates as evidenced by user reviews. The drugstore uses proper methods of drug storage and dispensing away from the sources of humidity, light and overhead leakage. The medications are free of contamination and dangerous fillers.

The pharmacy sells drugs from licensed manufacturers that include generic drugs that are more affordable. The pharmacy infringes no copyright of naming. No medication quality complaint has been referred to authorities and Quality Assurance bodies.

Product Variety and Prices

The assortment at Canadian Health & Care Mall has more than 200 drug names intended for various medical conditions, including allergy and asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, nicotine addiction, dental care products, bacterial and viral infections and lifestyle medicines. You can buy generic medicines and brand-name drugs making an informed choice from medicines with clearly stated method of manufacturing. The drugs come with their respective use and pharmacological properties reflected in pharmacopeia.

Canadian Health&Care Mall manages to lower the prices so dramatically thanks to switching almost entirely to generic meds. Being an online pharmacy obviously also helps, skipping hiring too many employers and the lease.

The price is set based on the cost of the medicine, logistics expenses, and the quantity ordered. The bulk purchase rule is implemented to help out consumers in need of larger medication supplies. There is a rich selection of cheap generic drugs in this drugstore.

Discounts, Coupons, Bonus Pills & More

What adds even more attraction to Canadian Health&Care Mall is definitely free gift pills that are added to your shopping cart. You get to choose 4 Viagra pills and 4 pills of Cialis, regardless to how much you order for. There is hardly another pharmacy with a similar practice. However, it would be better to get 2 pills of each ED drug instead, for the sake of comparing them.

The pharmacy also offers off codes from time to time. You can use them any time you order.

The pharmacy also promises an attractive individual discount starting from $300. More ways to save are advertised in the newsletters. They inform you on special sales, offers, deals from their partners, etc.

Payments and Deliveries

The medications on this website have very low prices. The drugstore claims that it saves a lot of money because it sources its drugs from offshore zones where it isn’t required to pay taxes. So it passes these savings on to the buyer. Customers can also use special promo codes and coupons to get 10% of their purchases. When it comes to payments, the pharmacy accepts:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • E-Checks

The drugstore ships to most worldwide countries. Shipping usually takes 14-21 days. Deliveries are made via FedEx, US Postal Service, Canada Post and EMS.

Canadian Health Care Mall Approvals and Certifications

ScamAdviser has given users a green light for working with thecanadianhealthcaremall.com. It gives it a high trust rating and claims the pharmacy is safe for use. This is due to its high safety rating and the absence of any malware, virus, fraud or rogue reports. So, based on the trust rating of ScamAdviser, the online drugstore gets a green light for its online pharmaceutical service.

Canadian Health&Care Mall – reviews online

Canadian Health and Care Mall has excellent user reviews. We got to read quite a lot of them. Most of the customer satisfaction is generated by quality drugs, low prices, fast shipping, friendly customer support, and a wide range of drugs.

Some of the recent user reviews are given below:

Maria: “Very easy. I’ve been ordering for several years now and always efficient and fast.”

Monika: “Ordered a few ED medications, they look great, they fit my husband perfectly, I will surely order more! ALL VERY GOOD INDEED.”

Alex: “Very easy to navigate the website and has a wide range of drugs. And the prices are also affordable. Delivery is also fast. Highly recommended.”

Olly: “Excellent product, fast delivery, great customer service. I am totally happy with the online service and will keep buying from this pharmacy.”

Those who rate Canadian Health&Care Mall ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ also commend their safety. What more can you ask as a customer?

Canadian Health and Care Mall website

Canadian Health&Care Mall website thecanadianhealthcaremall.com runs keeps it easy-to-use, well-organized and functional. It is rather intuitive once you start to find your way around it. Drugs are classified in a convenient way and it is easy to find the right product. The customer support area is all neat, with all your personal details handy. There is no need to re-enter your data, save for payment information which is done for safety reasons. There is a lot of useful information and articles published on the website, it can be used as a healthopaedia of sorts when you need to refresh my knowledge on the use of medication or to look up info on a disease.

Customer Support

The customer support of this online pharmacy is readily accessible and responsive. The user support department provides a functional mechanism of communication via telephone and email. Every question is quickly answered and issues are efficiently attended to.

Canadian Pharmacy Review

Canadian Pharmacy

Products and Pricing

You can find both branded and generic drugs on this pharmacy’s website. There are also over-the-counter and prescription drugs offered for sale. The assortment is impressive and this is highly commendable. You can fax, mail or send an email with your valid prescriptions (both original and copy) from certified doctors. Consumers love this as it is one way of ensuring that the right drugs are delivered to people to help cure the right diseases and disorders. The products are approved for quality. The FDA acknowledges that the business trades in high-quality drugs. That’s what everyone expects of a reliable pharmacy. Prices for medications are fair. You can save more than 80% on the meds you purchase from this pharmacy. There are also discount offers advertised. For example, you can get a 5% discount coupon for just sharing the Canadian Pharmacy’s website on your Facebook account.

Payment and Delivery

The pharmacy has a secure payment scheme. The checkout process is also speedy and simple to navigate through. The store seems to accept all credit cards for payments. There’s also a payment offer that allows you to pay for your orders, 30 days after placing the order. These payment terms are attractive.

Deliveries are claimed to be reliable. However, according to reviews, a few customers actually did not receive their orders on time.

No shipping is done using couriers, and the online pharmacy has the following shipping offers:

  • Pay $10 for shipping each time you order
  • Pay $20 each year and order multiple times for free
  • Pay $50 once and your orders will be shipped free of charge for life

Canadian Pharmacy – User Reviews

No one can better tell about the experience with an online company than a customer. There are a lot of testimonials about Canadian Pharmacy. Actually, they are quite controversial. The drugstore is averagely rated “Fair” or “Good”. The majority of them were about poor customer support, delayed delivery, and generally average service. Below are some of the latest testimonials posted on the net:

Samantha: “Placed an order 3 weeks ago and still have not received, was an antibiotic, cannot wait that long!  The product will be useless when I finally receive it!”

Oliver: “Great prices, reliable company. The delivery was timely but the customer service was poor –  no matter how hard I tried – I could not get through to someone.”

Sara: “The prices of many ED medications are not competitive enough when compared with Canadian Health Care Mall. In general, your prices are 10-15% higher!”

Rob: “Placed an order a week ago. Received an automated order confirmation and nothing since. Emailed them today, got no response. This doesn’t inspire confidence. Very disappointing. I ordered some other pills from another pharmacy 2 days later and received that order today, so not impressed. Where’s this outstanding service and fast delivery others are commenting on in their reviews??!! Certainly won’t order again based on my experience so far.”

Canadian Pharmacy Website

Canadian Pharmacy website canadapharmacy.com is easy to navigate: you just choose your medication, log in, and enter your prescription to finalize the order. You can browse through their selection of over-the-counter drugs on the website either by alphabet or by typing in the name of the product in the search box above. Your drugs will be promptly delivered to your door, as advertised on the site, although we have found some user reviews which testify to possible delays in deliveries.

The website adheres to the highest security standards for protecting your personal information. Check your browser bar for “https” to verify the security of your login and online shopping.

Legal Affiliation

We also found out that Canadian Pharmacy has controversial approval statuses from the following companies. It is a valid member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. However, LegitScript says that canadapharmacy.com is unapproved. According to ScamAdviser, the pharmacy has a fair trust rating. We conclude that the drugstore’s performance in the approval status section is average.

Customer Support

The online pharmacy offers users to contact them at any of the following options: via telephone, email or online chat. They say their customer support team is there 24 hours / 7 days a week. It is nice that the store has various contact options, however, recent user reviews testify that customer service is poor as “no one returns calls from customer services”.


CanadaPharmacy.com is one of the averagely-performing online pharmacies. This is a popular drugstore, though one still needs to be cautious as some things aren’t still made clear. Though the drugs are of high quality, there are some customer support and delivery problems, which raises alarm. Prices for drugs are higher than in Canadian Health Care Mall. Meanwhile, purchasing medicines in a CIPA-approved pharmacy is usually safe. One should always remain cautious while using its services.

TheCanadianHealthCareMall.com is a trustworthy and safe pharmacy service that is optimal for careful customers. The assortment is rich, prices are low cost. The customer support team is there for you 24/7 guiding you through any misunderstanding. If you want to save on drugs and if you are a fan of discounts, this is your drugstore.

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